Melissa Stockwell

Melissa Stockwell (born January 31, 1980) is an American two-time Paralympian and former U.S. Army officer. Competing in the 2008 Summer Paralympics in three Paralympic Swimming events, she returned to race in the 2016 Paralympic Games and won a Bronze medal in the inaugural Paratriathlon event on September 11, 2016.

She joined the ROTC at the University of Colorado in her sophomore year and was a senior in college when the September 11, 2001 attack happened. She had Transportation Officer Basic Corps in Virginia before being assigned to the First Cavalry division at Ft. Hood, Texas. She was deployed in March 2004 to Iraq.

A first lieutenant, she was the first female soldier to lose a limb in the Iraq War. She lost her left leg when a roadside bomb exploded when she was leading a convoy in Baghdad.[3] For her service in Iraq she was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.[4] Following her retirement from the military she works as a prosthetist and served on the board of directors of the Wounded Warrior Project from 2005–2014.